Tidbit Table Features

Increased Sales

Increase sales with Tidbit Table. Letting guests order from onscreen menus boosts the value of each order by 30%.

Less Costs

Reduce the number of servers needed with our Tidbit Table. Todays restaurant employees have too many workers with too little motivation. We are developing a system for managers to track and measure their employees, meanwhile increasing motivation and customer service.

Improved Customer Service

Improving customer service is our top priority. Contact us for more information on our special features regarding customer service.

Vandal Proof

Our Table is developed for the restaurant and hotel industry. This means it has to be vandal-proof. Our surface withstands spilled drinks, foods and sharp edges such as broken glass or knives.

Resource Planning

Boost your everyday business by structuring income, upselling and better the customer experience.

Support 24/7

With Tidbit Table you get a 24/7 support. Warranty is included. If you have a problem with a table, we are available at all times to solve the issue.

No More Paper Menus

Say goodbye to paper menus. With our table, you can customise the menu whenever it suits you.

Oh, and save the environment as well.

Payment Plan

Our Leasing Payment Plan

Contact us for a leasing payment offer. By reducing the amount of servers needed in your business, this is an excellent plan for increasing sales and financial results.

Great Service and Support 24/7


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